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When You Walk Into Courtroom, Will You Be Ready

Being arrested or charged with a crime is a frightening and stressful thing to go through. If you have found yourself facing criminal charges,

you may not know what to do or where to turn.

Presumption of Innocence

The first thing you need to know is that

you are innocent until proven guilty.

Next, you are entitled to representation

from an attorney who knows the legal system and can help you seek a positive resolution to your case.

Former Prosecutor

At the Law Offices of Fred H. Valdez LLC in Anchorage, people who have

been charged with a wide variety of crimes can get the representation

they need. Don't let one mistake ruin your life. Discuss your criminal

defense options with an experienced attorney. Call 907-274-5000 to

reach my office.

Criminal Defense: Areas Of Focus

• DUI/drunk driving, including driving under the influence of

prescription medications

• Domestic violence

• Theft

• Shoplifting

• Drug possession

• Misdemeanor crimes

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Knowledge is Power

Although penalties for crimes vary greatly based on a number of factors,

you may be facing fines, probation, license suspension, jail, and other

penalties. It is important to take your charges seriously and act promptly.

Seeking help from a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible can

ensure that your rights are protected from this point on.

You need to feel comfortable and supported throughout the legal

process. Facing criminal charges is stressful. You need a defense attorney

who will not Judge you or condemn you for what has happened. You

need a friendly, down-to-earth attorney who is committed to helping


You need an attorney that will fight the charges against you and help you

seek the best possible resolution to your case — whether that involves

seeking a dismissal of charges or taking your case to trial. We can discuss

your specific options during your initial consultation.

Questions? Please Contact Me For a Consultation.

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