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Firearms and Gun Trusts

The simple fact of gun ownership and use creates risk in our legal system, even without pulling a trigger.  There is a confusing array of local, state and federal laws that expose the unwary to criminal prosecution.

Tools of Freedom

Firearms ownership speaks to basic concepts of freedom, individual liberty, and other basic rights. You may own just one gun or many.  You may use them for sport or self-defense   Some firearms are family  heirlooms.   We want them to be used responsibly and passed on to those who appreciate them.   

A Constitutional Right

Firearms Trusts help the Constitutional Right to Bear arms.  Recent court cases have protected the right to bear arms from local and state infringement.   Be prepared to the greatest extent that you can be to exercise and protect your right to bear arms with a Firearms Trust.

Federal Law

Federal law controls transfer of NFA Firearms:•   Machine Guns•   Short-barreled rifles•   Short-barreled shotguns•   Silencers (Suppressors)•   Destructive Devices•   Any Other Weapons (a category of firearm)

Why Use a Trust

Firearms Trusts simplifies the possession and transfer of firearms.  Individuals proposing transfer of an NFA firearm must get their local Chief Law Enforcement Officer sign off prior to applying to the  BATFE.   Firearms Trust purchasers can apply directly to the BATFE to approve a proposed transfer.

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