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Tim C., Anchorage AK

 "I was looking for a personalized not overly commercial firm" 

 "Fair, honest, personal service... everything I was looking for"

 "Fred was spot on with understanding what I needed and the timeliness involved"  

"Highly recommend and will use again in the future" 

Gloria R., formerly of Anchorage, AK

I found Mr. Valdez through the internet and met with him to discuss what I was trying to achieve. Our initial visit he didn’t charge me. Which I really appreciated at time. I left having a clear idea of what the next steps were to accomplish what I needed. The rates I was quoted for his services were reasonable.

The level of support and legal services were, I think, exemplary. Mr. Valdez explained a lot of the nuances and legal requirements of what I was trying to achieve and timelines to achieve it.

I’m very satisfied with the result.

The process required including my grown children in the discussion, and Mr. Valdez did a great job explaining the documentation and their responsibilities.

Karen M., AK

 Fred Valdez was referred to me by a co-worker.  When I called Fred I had a pending motion in a Child Support case that I had a limited time frame to respond to.  I am a single mom on a fixed budget and Fred was more than happy to consult me on an unbundled basis and he made time to see me on short notice.  From start to finish Fred has been more than accommodating and available with his time - even working late or on a weekend if needed.  My case was particularly complicated as it involved crossing state and country borders. Fred was patient, efficient and honest with me as to how to get the best results in my case and he guided me from beginning to end.  Fred is a rock steady attorney. 

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